Getting started with Consent Manager

Consent Manager has two widget components to help visitors set their privacy policies. These widgets are easily installed by adding a script tag and using two custom elements in your web page code.

After a visitor authenticates you can, with the private api, connect the visitors device with a userid of your choosing (username, email, etc).

Installing the widgets

Add this script tag to the bottom of your web page, just before the final body tag and use the two buttons anywhere on your webpage.

Checking consents

On your webpage you can then programatically check for consents.

Connecting devices and users

To match a device with a user, this needs to be done with the private api. First generate a private api key in the Dashboard and set this token in the Authorization request header of your chosen client.

          Authorization: Bearer YOUR-TOKEN-GOES-HERE

You can now, for example after a login, do an API call which will connect the device with the userid of your choice.

Consider this example script using pythons request library

API Docs

For more details please refer to the API docs.